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UPP Bond 1

UPP Bond 1 Issuer Plc is part of UPP Group (defined as UPP REIT Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries) which is the UK’s leading provider of on-campus residential and academic accommodation infrastructure.

UPP Bond 1 Issuer PLC is an incorporated, special purpose company listed on the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE). The Company’s ultimate parent is UPP REIT Holdings Limited which is the UK’s leading provider of on-campus residential and academic accommodation infrastructure.
The Company was admitted to the ISE on 5 March 2013 and has issued three tranches of debt; £307,100,000 Amortising Fixed Rate Senior Secured Notes due 2040 (ISIN: XS0897452412); £75,000,000 Amortising RPI Index-Linked Senior Secured Notes due 2047 (ISIN: XS0897451877) and £149,700,000 Amortising RPI Index Linked Notes Due 2049 (ISIN: XS1148134601).
UPP Bond 1 Issuer operates 11,693 rooms across 7 asset companies (‘the AssetCos’). Notes issued under the Programme will indirectly benefit from security granted by the AssetCos specified below in respect of seven student accommodation concessions granted by seven English higher education institutions, namely:

  • University of York – UPP (Alcuin) Limited
  • University of Nottingham – UPP (Broadgate Park) Holdings Limited
  • University of Kent – UPP (Kent Student Accommodation) Limited
  • Nottingham Trent University – UPP (Nottingham) Limited
  • Oxford Brookes University – UPP (Oxford Brookes) Limited
  • University of Plymouth – UPP (Plymouth Three) Limited
  • University of Exeter – UPP (Exeter) Limited

The payment of interest and repayment of principal by each AssetCos in respect of the On-Loan will provide the primary source of funds for the Issuer to make payments of interest and repayments (or prepayments) of principal under the Notes.

Investor Report 2022/23

Half Year Summary – 28 February 2023

This report provides an unaudited summary reflecting the position to the six months ended 28 February 2023 pursuant to the Common Terms Agreement (‘CTA’). Forward-looking statements reflect the current judgement of the Obligors regarding conditions that it expects to exist in the future. These statements involve risks and uncertainties depending on circumstances that will occur in the future and on that basis are not guarantees of future performance.

Bond Prospectus

The UPP Bond Prospectus sets out the key legal, business and financial aspects of the UPP bond offering.