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A bespoke package designed to deliver your financial requirements

Securing highly competitive funding for our university partners

UPP are specialists in procuring higher education project finance, leveraging our experience and in-depth understanding of the sector to create robust funding options for our university partners

Our approach offers non-recourse off-balance sheet funding, ensuring our partners can use their financial resources to focus on strategic priorities be it teaching, research or wider estates investment

Why UPP?

Our dedicated, in house financial advisory team work to create, procure, implement and manage cost-effective to deliver our partnership projects.

Procuring financing

UPP has long-standing experience in funding higher education projects. Over the last two decades we have deployed more than £3.5 billion of senior, subordinated debt and equity. We have the track record to attract a wide range of investors and cost-effective financing terms from a range of sources to suit each individual project. We typically structure our financing on the basis of credit rated investment grade debt.

Socially responsible borrowing

We partner with a trusted portfolio of debt investors with whom we work on a regular basis. For our investors environmental, social and governance standards are of critical importance and we seek to ensure that these align with the expectations of our university partners.

Attractive terms

UPP has a wealth of experience securing funds from individual institutional investors, wider capital markets and banks. Its award-winning, innovative approaches to funding have included private placements, public bond programmes, company acquisition with debt overlay and bank financing. This means we can secure bespoke, cost-effective funding for the benefit of each university partner.

Services offered

Debt structuring 

Ensuring project borrowing is configured in the best way to secure the most attractive terms

Funding competition and selection

Management of investment process and selection of preferred funder(s) 

Risk sharing partnerships

Ensuring risk is identified, defined and mitigated as part of each partnership

Feasibility studies

Comprehensive review of the financial viability of the project

Due diligence

Detailed review of project and investor positions

SPV Management and Reporting

On-going review and performance management of operational projects

Funder relationship management

Ensuring ongoing engagement and communication with debt investors

Credit ratings

Securing and ongoing monitoring of credit ratings

Key numbers


Investment grade funding secured to date


University partnership capital market bond listing


To use debt overlay structure in the sector